Contact Form Not Working

So I setup a generic contact form using Dreamhost’s .cgi script to post it. None of the hidden inputs are being used. For instance, it does not redirect, it does not check for required fields, it does not even send to the e-mail address listed. I have tried both listing the email as user and - since the domain is hosted by dreamhost. Since none of those hidden inputs are being read…it simply does not work. The user goes to the default “thank you, here is what you submitted” page. Can I get some input? Here is what the html looks like:





Only thing I changed here to post it was the domain address, for privacy’s sake. Help?

The action of your form needs to point towards this script, and the method must be POST or GET in capital letters. Therefore you must have this EXACT html in your form:

A perfect example of why “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”! I must have looked at that code three times without seeing the problem (and I use that same script now and then.) That was a “good catch”! :slight_smile:


Thanks, pending confirmation. Start at the beginning and fix bugs until it works. That’s why the last bugs are never found. :smiley:

It worked like a charm! OF COURSE, haha. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: