Contact Form not sending


Is anyone experiencing probs with email I have a contact form that worked great 2 days ago - I just tested it 2 hours ago still nothing. I ran cron just in case it needed a kickstart of some kind - no luck no email.


Is there some place Dreamhost posts changes they have made, or policy changes, or if they are experiencing problems? It’s been like 5 hours still no auto-responder and no emails being sent from the form.

Good grief this is frustrating it’s been working fine.[hr]
What the heck?
Of the 4 test forms I filled out over the last few hours, the ONLY one to arrive just now arrived.
It is the 3rd test, the first two still have not arrived nor the last one… the 3rd out of 4 is the only one to arrive.
It shows being sent at 5:47pm shows up at 9:41pm.
4 hour lag time for email? Anyone else experiencing this? This is new behavior as of today afaik.

What’s up Dreamhost?


I’ve seen cases where outbound email from a shared webserver gets delayed. Bet the other tests arrive eventually. Dreamhost has been really working on improving their email service recently but that has not been new changes that I’m aware of. I do remember your form and how it worked.


Yeah bummer that this is new… they were arriving lickity split for the past few weeks.
4 hour delay on email though… idk man that’s not good.
2 more emails from 5pm arrived at 10pm - still have not received the last one nor any of the auto-responders.
Thanks for your response though LakeRat. Do you work for Dreamhost?
Do you think this will be resolved any time soon?
I’ve been on Dreamhost about 3-4 years but I’m starting to look around, it seems all hosts I am checking out have complaints as long as your arm.
Not being a jerk, just… man gotta have this stuff working solid.


With email it’s not a new thing at all, especially with email generated by a process running on a shared server. Email is not, and never has been, dreamhost’s strong point. They are making much needed improvements tho. They have shut down the ability to spoof return addresses, that’s the problem you ran into before. That practice should have been stopped back about 2001. When you think about it, why would I want someone to be able to send emails that appear to come from me! Sure it seemed to be a clever way for your contact form, but what about the malicious aspects, not to mention spam. Spoofing is how phishing emails are generated, a scammer could use that same spoofing to send official looking phishing emails!

No I do not. If you read these forums often you will find out I both defend dreamhost, as well as criticize dreamhost, quite equally actually.

Yes, I’ve been around somewhere around that amount of time too. For what I buy from dreamhost I’m happy with what I get for the price I pay. As far as SHARED HOSTING, I don’t think you will anything better. For the price you pay dreamhost really does deliver. Bobocat points this out in this forum over and over.

In my view however, I’m not sure I would sign up for VPS or dedicated Servers with dreamhost. VPS might be OK, but they seem to have a hardware issue and it causes days, not hours, of outage when a server goes down. If I were spending more money, that would mean I had revenue producing site, if I had a revenue producing site, outages like that would not be acceptable. Especially since they are unable to fail you over to a “site temporarily unavailable” message with appropriate http response code so that you don’t loose your search engine SEO rankings if the search engines bot happens to come by during the outage.

As far as dedicated goes, for the money you would spend with Dreamhost I think you can find a deal that comes with better guarantee’s and support.


Thanks for the thoughtful reply LakeRat, I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

There are a couple of issues really.
I am running (still building) on Drupal.
It is for the local high school football team, and we will be using it to raise money for the team. So, timely communication is kind of important.

Issue 1 is page load time.
If it were not for Drupal’s Boost Module that caches all db generated pages, the page load times would be unacceptable (in my book anyway).
It is not all that db intensive, and it’s not even football season so there is no server load due to traffic on that site yet. Yet, painfully slow w/o the Boost Module.

Issue 2 email delays.
I mentioned that the email delay was ‘new’, meaning, new to me period (in 12yrs of various shared hosting), and specifically, new to this website.
Since my original post about the email on May 9th 2012 - once I got that fix in place the email response has been snappy, emails and auto-responders within 5 minutes. That is what one would expect imo, not 10 hour delays. I understand ‘stuff happens’ and I hope this is just a temporary glitch and gets figured out by Dreamhost.

I don’t WANT to find another host, it’s all an educated crapshoot. I would like to avoid that pain in the rear. And I don’t dislike Dreamhost. I do understand the shared hosting environment, but, I’ve been at this quite a while and don’t recall a db driven site running so darned slow or email delays like what has been happening recently, even on a shared environment.

Would you have a recommendation for a dedicated host?



I’m not a Drupal expert at all, you might want to open a separate thread just on this topic.

Another thing you might want to do is keep an eye on your servers load averages. You can do this by logging in via ssh and using the ‘top’ command. If you find your server load is high ask support to move you to a different shared server.

Some other thread back a couple months ago when dreamhost email was blacklisted on lots of servers I talked a user into opening a txt file for append right and writing out the same thing that was emailed out as a backup to the missing form emails. It’s annoying to have to check the file also, but you could make it easy on yourself by putting it in a separate folder with an .htaccess file that permitted via by IP address and/or login with credentials. As I remember your form it goes to different people based on a dropdown selection, so you could really go crazy with that and do separate log files for each dropdown choice, if it were me I would put all of those in the same protected folder and just had a single common set of credentials that everyone used for ease of administration.

FWIW, the outbound mail queue on shared servers doesn’t seem to back up often, at least on my shared server it’s just an occasional hiccup. I know this because I have a stream of weather data uploading constantly. I have a cron that once a minute checks to see if the stream failed and if it did it emails me. Most of the time those emails come immediately, granted those emails don’t leave dreamhost either tho, they just head over to the mail server, in your case you have the added variable of delivering to outside email addresses.

Not unless you want to pay $1500-2000 a year.


Did you see this?