Contact form not sending emails

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I have setup PHP and javascript based contact forms in the past no problem. Today I decided to try out Dreamhost, and I’m having a weird issue. I have a simple contact form on my website, but it will not send an email to anywhere. The coding is right, I’ve tried several different forms and it still won’t send any emails. I’ve seen where the SMTP server might need to be set in the php.ini…but with proper editing, still nothing. I’m at a complete loss here, any help would be appreciated.


What is your “from” address? It can’t be the address the person enters on the form, it must be a dreamhost based “from” address, like set up or something. If you want to make it easy for replies make your reply-to address the address the person entered.


I created a email, and it still won’t work =(

Edit: the above e-mail is a dreamhost based email.


I’d try just a very simple php script that does something like echo “start”, mail (blah blah), echo “end”

I have a cron that routinly emails and I did no special setup, like SMTP etc as you mentioned in your first post. It uses:

mail($to, $subject , $body, 'From: ' . $from);


Ahaaa! I was having the same issue but simply adding a $from variable fixed it. Thank you, Mr. Rat.