Contact form and Opt In options for email list(s)


Need a little form help here…

I’d like to make it so using a contact form (with dreamhost’s form script) the users on my site also have the option of automatically subscribing to an announce list (they just either check off a box or leave it blank to opt in or not).

I’m not sure of how to mix the two action scripts (formmail.cgi and add_list.cgi) onto the contact form.


OK, I’ve worked around the CGI problem by just using add_list.cgi instead of formmail.cgi. I ahve another problem that has popped up however:

The hidden input code for recipients does not seem to be working. THough emails are going through, none of the messages sent through the test contact form are reaching my email account.

You can view the source code that I’m using on this test page:

Any help appreciated.


Did you actually create the list in the panel?

May not be it but here is some comment:

The form page is missing the basics: html body etc.

These are not blank or URLs:
One hidden doesn’t have quotes.

Uses same URL for a few:

Check capitals, compare closely with instructions.