Contact Form 7

I have contacted support on this several times and after doing what they told me I am still having these issues. I will say they are very kind in the response and patient, but they don’t seem to help because I am not sure that I am explaining this correctly.

My issue, which I try to explain like this:

I have contact form 7. I have the fields filled out correctly with a dreamhost email account as the To: From: email address which they verified is filled out correctly.

The form works, but it doesn’t deliver the email if the USER fills out the form using a gmail, yahoo or hotmail address.

They told me to install the configure-smtp plug in. I did, but I didn’t configure it only activated it. I’m not exactly sure if I need to configure this plug in or not for the website with the contact form that has a dreamhost account email.

I have another website that uses gmail and we did the plug in and it works. We configured it using the gmail information. Now the contact form can deliver mail from an address with yahoo or gmail, etc.

My question is, what do I do with the plug in if I have no gmail user info to enter?

I’m getting very frustrated as I have a few more domains to figure out. I would like to get this resolved before they bill me for the year, because I am considering moving all the domains elsewhere, but what a headache for me! I know other people have this problem, so if you have any advice for me I’d appreciate it.

For these sites most are custom wordpress themes, but some are pre-purchased themes and I tried researching plug - in conflicts as well and nothing turned up… so I really think this is a dreamhost issue not wanting to deliver mail from gmail, yahoo, etc.

It’s really not so much having a ‘dreamhost email’ as having your email match the domain you’re on.

Where is your email hosted, for one? Also, what are your settings? These should work:


The problem stems from how emails are sent, and how they’re restricted on most web servers. Basically we don’t want to let anyone spam from your email forms, so you have to send email from the same domain as your site (i.e. if your site is, all email has to be sent FROM The majority of contact forms aren’t coded that way, they send from whomever filled in the form.

The configure smtp plugin is a workaround for this, and uses SMTP to send email. When you use gmail for the email host, there’s an added hassle of SMTP not being there (or rather, it’s there, but your email isn’t and it doesn’t know how to make sure you’re you). Computers are really simple things, they know what they know, and can’t extrapolate.

someone is helping me but this:


Is exactly how I have it.

When I test the form AS A USER and fill it out it only works if it is my hostgator account email or dreamhost email.

If I fill it out as a user using yahoo, gmail or say a local provider like email it will not be delivered.

Hopefully someone can tell me what to fill out with the SMTP plug in.

There shouldn’t be a difference between (my domain), and at the end of the day. If CF7 can email one, it can email any, and we don’t have an ‘extra’ filter on there. Can you email gmail or bellsouth from your email client?

Well I asked the same question twice in this thread and still didn’t get an answer. I understand how to fill out the contact form. It’s the plug in that I don’t understand how to configure.

I’m unfamiliar with Contact Form 7, but everything Ipstenu has said is spot on.

Assuming the (undisclosed) function is mail() you can test your server’s ability to send mail with something like this:

… substituting [you] and [yourDreamHostDomain] for the applicable variables.

heliocreative - Sorry, it’s not that I’m ignoring the question, it’s that I’m trying to get a better understanding of what might be wrong. See you shouldn’t have to configure that plugin at all. It is a set and forget plugin. Though how you would configure it depends totally on if your email is hosted on DreamHost or on gmail.

If you’re on gmail, you’d check the box for gmail settings and put in that information.

Otherwise, you should be able to use the same settings you do for email:

Thanks - Support finally helped me and now I am able to configure all my sites and the contact forms are working. In this case - with dreamhost hosted email and Gmail - I do have to configure the plug in, so it wasn’t as simple for me at least to just activate.

How did you configure it, helio? I’m curious since that’s not usually required, and if it’s something I can address for more customers I’d like to try :slight_smile:

Same way you would configure Gmail, just don’t check the Gmail box:)

Here is what DreamHost support sent me:

I just enabled your SMTP plugin and entered the SMTP details for the
email address that was being used.

You can look these up by going to that plugin’s settings.

If you are configuring a different email address on a different domain
but is still hosted by us, the SMTP settings will be the same, the only
thing that will change in the settings is the username and password.

if you want to use an address hosted by gmail, then here are the settings
you will want to use:


Please let me know if you have any further questions.

That is … very weird. I’m working with an Automattic employee about these issues too, since we had them in Jetpack. I can’t fathom why it’d work ‘sometimes’ and not others. o.O