Contact Form 7 on Dreamhosters Domain

Hi all,

I’m using WordPress, Contact Form 7, and the Atahualpa theme frame work (all latest versions) on a VPS. While testing the form, I’m finding that the mail that is supposed to go to the person who filled out the form is going out but the email with the data they input that’s supposed to go to me is not going out. Or at least it’s not being received.

It would make more sense to me if neither of them were received.

I’m doing this using a dreamhoster subdomain that mirrors the actual site since we want to keep a site using the same domain live at another host for the time being. Would that have anything to do with it?

Thanks in advance.[hr]
Let me amend that, I had the site password protected via htaccess. I turned that off just to see what would happen, now neither email is being received.