Contact form 7 not working

Hi Everybody,

I have installed a word-press blog on my Dreamhost account, and to enable
interaction with visitors I have installed the “contact form 7” plugin.
For some reason its not sending me any emails. Anyone has experienced the same problem?


You have to make sure that all emails are sent ‘from’ the same address as your domain name. By default, Contact Form 7 doesn’t do this, it uses the email of the person filling in the form. Our Anti-Spam Policy means you cannot send email from an address that isn’t your domain.

If you install on your site, no need to configure it, just install and activate, it should fix it. The other way is to make the ‘from’ always be your domain, but ‘reply-to’ is the person who submitted the form.

I have this same issue. I installed the plugin you suggest ( and initially tried it without configuring without success. Now I tried changing settings. No luck. My website is

The site is hosted on a Dreamhost VPS.

Any other help / tips is greatly appreciated!

Did you change the ‘from’ email address be your domain?

So all emails are sent from ?