Contact Form 7 and WP mail SMPT PROBLEMS

Hey all.

So I made a form in contact form 7.

It wouldn’t send emails but it said email sent.

After browsing the web I found a “solution”. I installed WP Mail SMPT.

I configured WP Mail SMPT with my dream host email. ""

I ran the test email and it worked.

When I went back to try submitting the form on my site it wouldn’t work. It said:

“Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”

Please help me understand why it still won’t work.

did you force a server refresh on the page (ctrl-f5 in most browsers)?, i.e. any possibility the form or parts of it were cached?

I tried that. Didn’t work unfortunately ):

Do you have any cache plugins running? Or are you on DreamPress?

I don’t have any cache plugins running. I am not on DreamPress.

Try resetting the SMTP plugin so it’s just installed, but not configured. And yes, I’m aware how weird that is.

Also is your email on DreamHost or through gmail?

I just found that if I try to submit the form with something other than gmail it works. But it won’t work for gmail.

The email I have been using is my domain name email from dream host.

So, just to re-cap:

you have the SMTP configured to send via your domain-name email and it works. You did have it configured to send via a Gmail address, and it was not working?

is that correct?

I have my SMTP configured to send via my domain name email.

When I use the form on the actual site, it works, as long as I am not sending the email from gmail.

When the user puts their email as gmail in the form on the site, it shows an error and won’t allow them to submit the form.

If the generated email FROM is populated from the email address field the user fills in you will have problems with others besides gmail as well.

The FROM must be a working address at your domain. The “Reply-To” header could be populated with the user supplied email, but the FROM header must be yours, you can’t forge FROM on the dreamhost email system.

which can be edited on the Contact section (while editing your contact form).In the From field, replace [your-email] with whatever your actual emails is.

Then you can just make sure the message body has the senders email with something like this: From: [your-email]

Click save…

Thank you so much sierra circle and Lakerat!! Totally works now. you guys rock.