Contact email address


Does anyone have a contact email address for Dreamhost that solicits a human response? I only get automated email responses. I need help with my domain name info as I lost my username and password. Dreamhost’s website does not provide ANY phone or email contact info apart from an abuse and support email address, which are both automated. Are they a real company?


Please send in a request to our Support team through our contact page:


More to the point do support work on the weekends, or do they work in August. My sites have been down for over 2 and a half hours. I’m getting mysql connection errors and no one has even acknowledged my support tickets an the problem hasn’t been fixed.

Poor customer support - really poor. What are they doing sitting around eating donuts?

At what point does it become ridiculous?


I’ve submitted a “people are dying” level ticket very early (6:30 AM PST) on a Sunday morning before and support fixed the server specific problem and replied in just over an hour.


I’ve had very similar response times through support, and they weren’t even hugely priority cases…
And despite automated messages, time usually yields a human response…

By contrast I have had zero, absolutely zip in terms of responses to a ticket I made with GameForge
6 Months ago… the ticket is still open… so while support might be slow at times here…
Nothing compares to having waited 6 months for so much as a human response (and it wasn’t even in english!)