Contact dreamhost

so, i’m trying to contact dreamhost support from 4 hours ago and no one replied yet. I am having a major setback because MySQL is down, and I need to launch an app today! (can’t do it before testing)
Anyone knows what’s up? I would expect them to at-least give me a short breakdown of what’s going on, but nothing!

Is there another way to contact them? gee, where are the good 'ol phone numbers.

I’m relatively new to DH. is this typical?

Make sure you are using the e-mail address that you have set with DreamHost otherwise it won’t be flagged.

I had to send support a little note today because of issues with mailman, got a reply within 45 minutes so don’t know what is taking so long for you. :frowning:

No phone number for shared hosting. They have some ways for people who lease servers though. Phone numbers mean they have to pay people to asnwer the phone, and pay for a multi-line system, and pay for an audio feed so you don’t get silence while you hold, and that means you’d have to pay more for your hosting - and that probably wonuldn’t bring them a lot of business.

DH tchnical support says 24 hours. You may have to wait that long. Since you seem to be in a rush, did you set your ticket as a “site outage emergency”? They look at thoes faster. but if you can wait, you really should. It’s not really fair to claim it’s an emergency if it’s not.

You may also have the ability to click, “request callback” if your plan inculdes thoes.

yep yep yep. :slight_smile: (a search in the forum would have found this answer though)