Constantly must rebuild inboxes to get mail

Does anyone else have to consistently rebuild or re-index their inboxes to get mail to show up on a desktop when using IMAP? This has been a long time problem for me and it happens on every domain that I have, as well as on every computer that I have. I have the issue using on Snow Leopard, on Leopard, Thunderbird on Vista, and Thunderbird on XP. I will sit down to what appears to be no new mail, then I rebuild the inbox from my desktop client and a whole bunch of mails come to me. (Note: on Thunderbird it does indicate that I have new mail waiting, but it is impossible to get it to show up in the program without rebuilding the inbox. Telling Thunderbird to get new mail does nothing.)

Considering it happens on all operating systems and using different clients, it must either be a configuration problem with Dreamhost or with the way I set up mail. Have any of you experienced a similar issue? I desperately wish to find a solution.


Same here – very annoying. My only desktop is on Mac OS X, and everything worked fine in Tiger and before, but since upgrading to Leopard it’s been a problem.

I just tried turning off IMAP IDLE (Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > (uncheck) Use IDLE command if the server supports it

That seems to be helping so far.

I’ve always used IDLE, and never had problems with my mail showing up on my Mac.