Constant 500 errors - nothing will fix it


Basics: Constant back-end 404 errors on pages that obviously are there correctly. Constant 500 errors on actual front-end pages. Unusable admin panel and completely stumped. Seems to happen in waves not easily predictable. Server issues maybe? Back-end pages are slow, but front-end load times are amazingly fast normally.

I’m an experienced web designer who is very comfortable with advanced WordPress and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix this issue. Please save my sanity!

It’s pretty simple. I have a WordPress site, which uses the Fusion Builder in the admin to design pages and posts. I’ve had this exact site configuration hosted elsewhere and prior to moving to Dreamhost, have never even seen ONE 500 error.

Now I have to manually reload admin post/pages a minimum of 3 times to have the builder load correctly. Here are some facts to help you help me :slight_smile:

*I have tested the default editor in WordPress, it’s fine.
*Yes I have adjusted both memory in WordPress and via my FTP (htaccess, php etc)
*Yes I’ve disabled plugins and re-enabled
*The Fusion Builder worked flawlessly on previous hosting platforms (shared) so I know there’s nothing wrong with that aspect in this configuration.
*I have a very high speed connection here at the office.
*I’ve ran a ton of WP plugins for diagnosing plugins that slow me down, etc.

*Constant back-end 404 errors on WP admin pages! Post edits pages, plugins page, like every back-end page has had a 404 error at some point during this “500” madness. It’s making my job impossible. No joke.

Please. Why do I get constant 500 errors when loading admin panel, new post pages, even my actual page itself in a web browser as a normal visitor. Like, sometimes the actual /wp-admin page literally says page not found lol. Obviously it works after a refresh but why is this happening?

Note: Front-end load times are normally amazingly fast and I love it! Just this 500 error keeps popping up it seems. Argh! Just the back end is brutally slow. Unusable!

It’s driving me mad. It’s out of my hands now. I really don’t want to be forced to use the default editor from now on that seems a bit extreme.

Can someone help please? It this a server issue? I can’t think of anything else I can do on my end. Unless I had a brain fart which in that case, please tell me haha. I’m overworked!

I could not be happier with DreamHost in every single way except this silly 500 nonsense. I love the DH custom panel, and page load times are amazing! :slight_smile: Just need to be able to make new pages and posts!

Thanks guys.


Have you looked through your site logs in ~/logs/…? Hopefully something in error.log gives a hint.

I’ve not had a need to do serious WordPress debugging, but I’d start with wp_debug:

Hi. Thank you for that idea but that log folder is empty. Do I need a trick to “see” files in this log folder?

logs/ says “empty” when I log in as my normal admin user for WP stuff.

Help? :frowning:

Did you log into your server using FTP/SFTP/SSH? All logs would be in /home/USERNAME/logs/DOMAIN/ then either http or https.

The log folder will be empty if you use FTP. You must use SFTP or SSH to view that folder.

I should strike FTP from my vocabulary. So should everybody else.

Ah, yes. I was FTPing. I’ll try SSH and Putty now, thank you! Will let you know. That would explain the empty view!