Considering Switching from DreamPress to VPS

I’m having some trouble downloading a large file from my website (it only downloads part of the file, corrupting it). After looking at things, I’m wondering if this might be because I’ve exceeded the limitations set by the server. (My Beta DreamPress plan is under the Unlimited Policy.) I’m considering moving over to a plain-old VPS to get out of the Unlimited Policy’s restrictions and to lower the cost of hosting, but I’m wondering what the implications will be.

I use WordPress, so I don’t think I’ll need to mess with PHPMyAdmin much. I use email on my domain (, and I noticed it doesn’t say anything about “Unlimited Email Addresses” on the VPS hosting page ( Does this mean I would need to pay for email accounts, or would be limited in the number of accounts? What about speed? Would a common VSP be slower than DreamPress for open source programs like WordPress? Are there any real downsides to switching?

At the moment I’m simply considering things and want some feed-back. I realize that if the problem with the download isn’t related to DreamHost’s limitations on my account, switching over to a VSP won’t help, but the possibility (and pricing) is making me consider the switch. Information and suggestions are appreciated.