Considering second account but I have some questions

I have had a shared hosting account with Dreamhost for some time and I am so happy that I am considering buying a second shared hosting account. I hope somebody can help me with this:

  1. Can I use a discount voucher for new customers when buying the new second account?

  2. Is there a way for me to integrate the second shared account in the same Dashboard so that I will not have to register again?

BTW: VPS is not an option, I want to keep the websites separated and I rather pay $20 for two shared accounts than $20 for a VPS

From the Terms of Service: Promo codes/referrers are for new customers only — if you use one you may not host on your account any domain ever previously hosted with DreamHost.

It is a new account. Terms are not clear about this.

If you have an account, you are not a new customer. I don’t know why you would want a second account anyway. Shared hosting gives unlimited space and you can host an unlimited amount of domains. It doesn’t make sense.

Unless they need to keep billing separate for some reason? Idk; it’s always easier for me to just send my own invoice. Saves time, saves money, more control for me.

Shared hosting provides unlimited space and bandwidth but I don’t think that the CNN or the WhiteHouse are hosting their sites on a shared hosting account, there is a reason for this.

@Ryo your website is broken, it gives you a long list of errors when you visit it. It looks like it has been hacked.

It may be a new account. And you can likely open a new account using a promo code. What you CAN’T do with the new account is host a domain that has ever been on dreamhost before. (the terms of service, linked above, are clear about that). Why you ask? The standard new company promo is almost free. If every year you could become a new customer all over again, and then transfer all your domains to the new customer account. For this reason, while the promo is running, you won’t be able to host any domain that has been on dreamhost before.

OK, I sent this question to Dreamhost support and they said that the discount is linked to the customer and not the hosting package so it can only be used once.

I seriously doubt CNN or the White House use shared hosting. It’s the cheapest option for most people and there are certain limits and security issues you wouldn’t come across like using a vps or dedicated server. Why not just say why, specifically, you are wanting a second shared hosting account? Is there something in particular you are wanting to do? I know you said you want to keep sites separated but that’s only aesthetic really unless there is some ulterior motive. Perhaps our responses would be a bit more helpful if you clued us in.

I know, it’s ancient. I’m too lazy to delete the version of drupal that’s on there (I think it’s 4.x lol…). That’s why you see those messages, code has depreciated. I don’t use it anyway…just haven’t changed my signature.

Customer support also told me in the same ticket that I should not get a second shared hosting account and it is not recommended. I am going to follow his advice and forget this ever crossed my mind, when the hosting staff tells you they don’t recommend it, that is about all I need to know. Most other companies would jump at the opportunity of making an extra sale.

I appreciate the help others have given me on this thread too of course. My doubts are solved as far as I am concerned.


You are going to get hacked one day if you run outdated software.

You can create new users, so your primary user can manage everything.
But domaina-mainname would manage domaina
domainb-mainname would manage domainb

Useful if you decide to start hosting dozens of domains…