Considering move to DreamHost


I run a very small forum. Three days ago, I installed an AJAX based chatbox which displayed on every single page. While it’s a small site, it’s a very tight nit community and the chatbox got a lot of action.

On the third day, my site mysteriously disappeared and when I logged into my control panel I found out my domain had been suspended (without an email notice or anything.) When I contacted support I was told that my domain had used over 50% of the server’s CPU. I told them I would remove the chatbox, and my site was activated again.

According to my stats:

Day 1: 12901 pages 15625 hits 614.47 MB Bandwidth
Day 2: 6880 pages 10466 hits 489.77 MB Bandwidth
Day 3: 13096 pages 18281 hits 858.50 MB Bandwidth

I am not really sure what DreamHost means by unlimited Bandwidth. My last host offered 4TB, and I still had my site suspended. Will my site be alright with these stats?

The stats you list are fine in terms of bandwidth. Bandwidth and CPU are two very different things. Here, unlimited really means unlimited if it’s for legitimate use. Again, if anything will bite you, it’ll be CPU load. Your site got suspended due to CPU because of the chatbox. The same will most likely happen here if you activate your chatbox.


As long as you aren’t hosting illegal files I don’t think it would be a problem here.

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You may want to optimise your scripts as well. Ajax may consume a lot of memory if you don’t manage it properly. Keep it in mind that you are opening/hitting a page whenever you make a Ajax call.

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