Considering hosting alternatives


It seems like I have about one serious problem with my hosting service every month. Since I signed up in fall of 2007 the mail server has backed up at least twice, causing email from customers to be delayed in excess of 24 hours.

I’d say about 25% of the time I try to load a page from my website it is either completely unresponsive, or bad enough that no customer is going to stick around long. My server, Dione, is under consistently high load.

I’ve invested money in advertising to drive traffic to my site, and it is very frustrating to think of a potential customer arriving at an unresponsive website.

My site is very low traffic, low bandwidth, but each individual lead from the site is potentially worth thousands to me. There are lots of things I like about DreamHost, but I honestly cannot recommend it for someone who is going to rely on uptime to run a business.


If some leads are worth thousands, then it’d definitely be worth it to host it on a solid dedicated server, such as Rackspace. Don’t scrimp on costs when the large sums of money you claim are at stake.



If you want the features and ease-of-use of Dreamhost hosting but if every visitor is worth big money to you, consider Dreamhost PS or a dedicated server. No shared hosting service will be able to “guarantee” the service levels that you need.

I jumped at PS when it was offered for those sites I have where I’m paranoid about uptime and responsiveness.

I’ll be a broken record here and say that my wife has been having problems with the filer on her shared server. Dreamhost has been very apologetic about it because it’s been a chronic problem for at least two or three weeks.

She stays on here because it will eventually be fixed and she’s comfortable with being able to set up and manage her site using the panel. (She can also call upon me to help on those rare occasions when she needs to shell into her account)

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Anyone has experience with Yahoo Hosting ?


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