Considering Dreamhost -- How Drupal friendly?


We’re considering purchasing shared space on Dreamhost, however need to be sure that Drupal runs without issue. We signed on with godaddy just a few weeks ago only to learn it’s not possible to run Drupal with the ecommerce module installed. Can anybody confirm that Drupal with the ecommerce module does indeed run without issue on Dreamhost? Would greatly appreciate any links to Dreamhost sites using Drupal and this module.

Thank you!

Drupal runs on Dreamhost fine, I can’t say if the e-commerce module runs without issue though as I’ve never used it.

There is some info about Drupal in the Dreamhost Wiki

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Furthermore - you can request that certain modules be added, support is usually willing if its a smart enough request like this one. And if it doesn’t work you can make use of the 97-day money back.

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ecommerce module runs fine. (drupal 4.6)

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By the way, exept oscommerce,
which opensource ecommerce solutions are multilingual ?

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kinda late response, I know (i can’t get online all that often nowadays) but drupal works fine with the ecommerce module, I use it for

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To answer the original question…YES…Dreamhost is very “Drupal Friendly.”

Just to fast forward a few years. Now in 2010 installing and running Drupal on a Dreamhost server works perfectly! I know in years past people have complained about certain issues such as 500 Error pages, clean urls etc. But nowadays Drupal runs just as well as Wordpress on Dreamhost.

I’ve never run the Ecommerce Module for Drupal. But I have had success running the Ubercart module for Drupal with no issues. Also I wrote a tutorial recently that walks you through step by step how to install Drupal on your Dreamhost account the manual way in case that helps as well.