Considering Dreamhost - CPU Question

I run a lightly trafficked (5000 visits/day) political blog that runs on WordPress at I’m currently on BlueHost, and I’m constantly getting slammed by “CPU Usage” outages.

I’ve talked with BH’s tech support people about this quite often, and they assure me it’s because of mySQL calls to pull the post for the front page - which to me is unacceptable. How can I run a blog on a host which can’t handle the demand for the posts on the front page?

Is Dreamhost any better?

Gordy Hulten

well, Dreamhost offers WordPress as a one-click install, so I would imagine they wouldn’t have a problem with it for that few hits/day. I don’t run wordpress, but usually if a hosting place officially or semi-officially supports something like that, they feel it is secure and reasonably optimized (otherwise they would offer something else in its place).

There are plenty of complaints out there about Bluehost’s CPU limits. I believe they just lowered it within the past few months, which has apparently made it too easy to max out.

Total coincidence, I’m sure… but I believe they now offer a more expensive plan that gives you the CPU usage you should be getting with the regular plan.

My guess is that it’s a marketing gimmick to trick people into thinking they have a great high-traffic site that needs their more powerful plan… even though it would run fine on just about any other host. But that’s just a guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I’m not familiar with the setup you’re using, but that doesn’t sound like anything Dreamhost can’t handle. There are plenty of people here using a bulky CMS or bloated forum software and they seem to be doing okay.

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5000 unique visitors? In terms of sql usage, it may not seem much but it’s quite a bit. Meanwhile I don’t have such a site hosted here, so I can’t give you a personal opinion.

Saying that you can try it out and use the 97 days guarantee isn’t also an easy decision. The trouble of moving from one place to another…

I think DreamHost can host it, because they are now very open to help sites that uses a little more CPU than usual. If your server isn’t up to the task, they may move it to another one. I would give it a shot. If you do, welcome to the “family”.

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I’d guess that any plan that can run at all on Bluehost’s econo-plan is safe here. If he was getting the warnings on the high-end plan, that could be a different story.

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I just want to add that of course it is also okay to do a manual install of WordPress and any other blog software on DreamHost.

My blog handles about 8-9000 hits a day with no issues here on Dreamhost. I think you would be in good hands here.

$7 a month for less bandwidth, and no CPU (30 seconds in an hour?)

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Does anyone else see the irony in bluehost not accepting “blue” sites?