Considering; however

Was considering dreamhost as my new hosting company; however, someone led me to the url
Want to know if you guys are happy here with dreamhost and what anyone might know about the above URL,

M. E. Delgado

There has been quite a bit of discussion regarding that site (and others like it) on the forums over the last year or so, rather than repeat what was said I will simply link to some of the previous discussions.

Personally I am very happy with my experience here at DreamHost. Sure there have been a few problems along the way, like the recent network problems, but DreamHost has shown itself willing to communicate with its customer base, admit to any failings and (most importantly) fix the problems.

My hosting comes up for renewal next month and I will definitely be staying.


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Thanks for you help. Someone named parker accused me of spamming simply because I had inquired about that URL & had also inquired it in another part of another forum.

M. E. Delgado

You will find people around here (and most other forums) are particularly sensitive to anything that resembles spam. Especially when it involves that particular website, as that site seems to provoke a thread or two just like this one at regular intervals.

Also, rlparker is probably the most active and helpful individual on these forums, as a quick glance at his posting history will show. I am continually amazed at the time he devotes to helping people with their problems.

I think perhaps the subject of your posts, and the cross-posting, just happened to hit a raw nerve with him :slight_smile:


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He wants me to delete my duplicate posts…I feel like some of his attacks are unwarranted, conisdering I have no experience in forum socialization. Oh, well, we learn through stumbling the hard way I suppose. Thanks for your help.

M. E. Delgado

DreamHost has a lot of customers. Many of us are happy, but of course, some are not. There’s nothing weird with that. Most companies has happy and unhappy customers.

I can only speak for myself when I say that I’m happy with DreamHost.

I am extremely happy with Dreamhost.

There are sites there to bombard hosting companies, always.

As you spend more time in forums, you will realize duplicate posts are generally a no no. It is best to read the types of questions in the different discussion groups aned sit and think “Where should this one go.”

Much to my amaze, folks in are quite knowledgeable and helpful, such as rlparker. I would have to go review your post to see what happened, but find that unnecessary as your question was concerning dreamhost as a host provider and not rlparker.

I am a happy Dreamhost customer. I have seen the problems, but have caused some of my own headaches myself (I am a programmer wannabe.) The recent network/hardware issues proved dreamhost to be a top notch provider. They saw the issues, admitted to their mistakes in it, and humbly worked day and night to fix them. There are of course going to be server issues, as they have perhaps over 1000 servers by now.

I personally would recommend them. Remember, you do have the 97 day money back guarantee.

I’m pretty happy with Dreamhost thus far, they’ve had their moments but you get that with any shared hosting provider. My account comes up for renewal this month and at the moment I think I will be renewing. If you are after some uptime stats take a look here

Web Hosting Reviews | Shonky’s Blog | Hot Product Directory

All webhosters will have unhappy clients. One such as DreamHost, with so many thousands of clients will obviously also have them.

There was some problems in the past month, but I didn’t thought twice about renewing with them for the full price. It’s a great service, with the right price.

RLParker seem a great and helpful person. Maybe he thought you were pushing that domain. I don’t know if that happened in the past.

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Thank you so much. I have just become a DH member. Love those stats.

M. E. Delgado


Hi. Nice to have you here. :wink:

Welcome to Dreamhost.

Considering that Dreamhost is one of the largest hosts in the world, hosting almost 370,000 domains, I’d say that not many people take sites like that seriously.

There are thousands of hosts out there and no one is held here against their will. We are all aware of the competition and are here by choice.

I saw that your ex-host is the one that pointed you to that site, which is an act of desperation from a host that knows they can’t compete. Sounds like you did the right thing by leaving… and maybe it’s time for them to go back to flipping burgers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone can throw up a this-company-sucks website, but it doesn’t make them an authority on the subject. It’s usually the opposite, as many (but certainly not all) people that have problems with companies do so because they fail to read their policy, can’t follow simple rules, spam, abuse the shared environment, etc… then throw a tantrum when they get spanked for it.

It reminds me of how criminals tend to hate cops. :wink:

Dreamhost certainly isn’t perfect, but neither is any other host on the planet. If you find a host that doesn’t have any complaints, it probably means they forgot to put an order form up on their site. :wink:

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Yes, I have left that other company. So far, so good. I love DH’s panel. I have a small site but was looking to host multiple domains. I’m glad I’ve chose to give DH a try. And with those promo codes, DH is basically giving their services for free almost. I’m so happy and so far have save money by choosing DH.

M. E. Delgado