Considering DH for client

Hello all,
We have an account with DH but our sites are fairly simple and utilize uncomplicated scripts. I like DH but don’t know how they rate with larger sites using more complicated scripts or databases. I have one client with Interland but they are having a rough go. They use Gossamer-Threads products (Links SQL and Gossamer Forum) and have a very large MySQL database that serves 2 websites (one site is a virtual off the main site). My client’s database keeps shutting down by itself over at Interland (it never did before) and this disables most of both sites. Interland support consists of denying that there’s any problem and hoping we’ll give up. I would give up if they would just keep the database from shutting down or at the very least tell us why it’s happening. Regardless, my client is now considering moving from Interland. I think DH would be a good choice but again, I’m not sure how they are with large sites. Would love some feedback on this.

Dreamhost do offer a money back option, so you could set up test site here, fill the database and see how it goes.

That’s a possibility. Thanks. The only problem I have with that is that her DB is too much for me to figure out. She’ll need to hire someone at Gossamer to install/configure on the new server and copy over her files. If it doesn’t work after that, she’s out a good chunk of money. I was hoping to hear from someone here that’s had a similar situation and moved to DH with success. Anyway, thanks for the reply!