Connection to Database Lost?


Does this happen often? I just had my database connection stop working for 2 of my 3 databases. They had been working fine. Now when I click on the link from the panel’s msql page - it times out on me for both DBs.




I seem to have the same problem. I have mysql databases on “gwen” and “flipper” server that are working fine, but the one on “nobnin” seems to be timing out. First time I have seen this.

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Thanks Tripp. Mine are on the nobnin server as well and are not functioning. I really hope this isn’t going to continue. Just a few days ago, a few of my websites went down for a while. Not good when you have clients you are trying to impress.



All back up and working for me. That was quick. Good service dreamhost.

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Thanks for letting me know, Tripp. I was trying to be patient! LOL



Are you guys still having issues with this? I just noticed today that mine are starting to do this! I can not connect to any of my 3 DB’s.


No. Mine seem to be working fine now (on nobnin and flipper servers).



Disregard my last post! There must have been a ‘glitch’! All is working fine now!