Connection Reset by peer - Socket Write Error



I´m trying to upload my library of images and videos to DreamObjects with recommended software CyberDuck. This task should have ended two days ago if there were no errors which often interrupt the transfer.

sometimes the upload get fine. But large files, like some 4.5GB zipped files I need to upload, take a long time to be uploaded and the chances of the problem to happen before upload finish is 100%.

I have a good internet connection with 1,5Mb of upload transfer.


One thing we’ve noticed in our testing is that Cyberduck does not support multi-part uploads for any provider other than AWS. I’ve been talking with the lead developer on Cyberduck and finding out if we can enable that for DreamObjects as well since we support it.

Until that is supported or a client program implements an upload resume feature, large, single file uploads are susceptible to many network hiccups.


And remember that, with or without multi-part upload, uploading a 4.5 GB file will not be a quick process! At 1.5 Mbit/sec, it’ll take you a minimum of about 7 hours.


I´m using Gladinet Desktop now, uploading the same files much quicker and with no interruption; Gladinet uses multi-part automatically for huge files.