Connection refused to postgres on dreamcompute

I’m using DBeaver to try to connect to the postgres I have setup on dreamcompute.

When logged into my instance I can go into postgres, I have opened the ports on host all all and changed all connection to accept all connections '*'. After running into an issue connecting I change the md5 security to scram-sha-256.

I’m still having trouble connecting.

I’m using my instance’s ip address as my host.

I have setup a user and password. I have also setup my a database and I can see them all in my instance when I do \l. Also my post is 5432 and connected.

Why is connection being refused and how can I fix this?

I was wondering if there was anyone that could help with this or give me some pointers.

And then you can connect in shell, but you can’t connect from outside?

I can. I went and created a new instance just to see if there is anything I did wrong. I did everything I mentioned above except I left the security to md5 and I am still not able to connect.
I keep getting connection timed out.

I have went to my security and have the port 5432 open and accepting traffic from all IP addresses as well

I’d ask Support (via Panel) to take a closer look – it might be a router down the chain that is blocking access from external addresses.

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