Connection problems?


no word from them at all and i’m sure by now it’s 24 hrs.

it has gotten worse for us as we can’t even log on to any dreamhost hosted pages. luckily, we didn’t cancel our dial-up account with Primus. So, here i am posting through the dial-up connection which is faster than the Rogers Hi-Speed…ironic, isn’t it?
Switching to another ISP (as a last resort, of course) might solve the FTP/uploading problems BUT what I am wondering is… would everyone who is with Rogers have a difficult time accessing our websites hosted by DH?
if so, that will be a MAJOR problem :expressionless:


Yes, worse than yesterday. Packet loss is at 15%. Looks like I’ll be visiting Bell World on Friday.
I recommend Dreamhost.


It’s really wierd. Earlier today and last night, I couldn’t access any dreamhost-hosted sites (not mine, not actual dreamhost URLs, nothing). Rebooted everything and still no dreamhost-related sites (everything else loaded fine). I had the thought that maybe Rogers was in the middle of working on the issue. Now, all of a sudden (just in the last 5 or 10 minutes or so) I can access everything again and when I just now tried to do an FTP of five 600K files, they uploaded like a dream in seconds.

Did anyone else notice the difference in FTPing?


Yes, right now (7:55 am EDT) it is working. It worked briefly yesterday evening as well, then degraded back to around 13% packet loss.
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I’ve had no email for two days. No web hosting either. I am extremely pissed. My correspondences have gone unanswered. Does anyone know when this will be fixed?


So has their support been totally unreachable? Or what did they say?


I have gotten no reply to any of my emails.


Mine is still looking good right now so I think Rogers has changed something since yesterday.

If you haven’t done it today, you might want to try power cycling everything (i.e. shut down your computer, unplug the power from the cable modem and router if you have one, leave everything off for a minute or so, then power up the modem and wait for the lights to go solid, then power up the router if you have one, then start up your computer).


Are you responding to me?
That has nothing to do with it.
I am on a completely different machine than I was last night. My connection is fine. It’s just dreamhost that’s down. emails to my account get bounced.


I am imagining this is a separate problem from what’s being discussed in this thread, then.

I did notice that you were connecting from a different network in that particular post.

I would suggest sending emails which are bouncing (with full headers) to support. If you’re unable to reach your site completely (but able to reach ours) or something like that, it would also indicate a problem specific to your account or domain.

If you are seeing the exact same problems described in the beginning of this thread (poor performance / packet loss / difficulty uploading files over a certain size) from your current location, please post the results of the tests requested above from your current location; as far as I can things look fine tracing back to your current location (network-wise).


Ok… so back to the issue at hand…

I got a phone number for Rogers’s NOC, and I spoke to an engineer over there. I linked him to this thread, and did some new tests.

Are things looking better for Rogers customers now? Can someone post some new ping / traceroute tests and see if things cleared up?


What’s funny is that I’m getting really terrible latency on a some of the pings and I’m getting the same kind of packet loss on the traceroute that I was getting before but I’m able to FTP upload with absolutely no troubles now. :slight_smile:

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 217, Received = 212, Lost = 5 (2% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 94ms, Maximum = 1328ms, Average = 130ms

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <10 ms <10 ms <10 ms
2 1235 ms 1281 ms 344 ms
3 578 ms 31 ms 16 ms []
4 63 ms 93 ms 157 ms []
5 * <10 ms 31 ms []
6 16 ms 62 ms 78 ms []
7 985 ms * 1219 ms []
8 141 ms 15 ms 16 ms []
9 * * * Request timed out.
10 16 ms 31 ms 31 ms []
11 31 ms 32 ms 31 ms []
12 32 ms 47 ms 31 ms []
13 * 94 ms 94 ms []
14 109 ms 125 ms 94 ms []
15 125 ms 172 ms 109 ms []

Trace complete.


Received this reply today from Rogers:

Dear John Stevenson,

We apologize for the delay in responding to your email. We are currently receiving higher email volume than normal, and are attempting to answer all email as quickly as possible in the order they arrive.

We understand your concern with this issue.

Rogers Hi-Speed Internet technical support representatives are qualified to diagnose and troubleshoot issues relating directly to our client software. We will therefore not be able to assist you with this matter, as it is beyond the scope of our support parameters.

For assistance regarding uploading files to a third party web hosting service, we recommend contacting the vendor of the software in question. If you are able to upload files to other hosts, it appears the problem lies with We apologize for any inconvenience.

We hope we were able to assist you. If our email did not completely answer your questions or you would like further assistance please feel free to visit our Customer Support page at You can also fill out the online form provided on the site to contact our email department. If you need to contact us by phone, our number is 1-888-288-4663.

Lucy C.
Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet
Electronic Support Group
I recommend Dreamhost.


FTP to now working :slight_smile:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 220, Received = 219, Lost = 1 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 107ms, Maximum = 166ms, Average = 110ms

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 28 ms 29 ms 29 ms [24.157.72 .1]
2 30 ms 29 ms 29 ms
3 29 ms 30 ms 29 ms [66. 185.93.213]
4 30 ms 29 ms 29 ms [66.185.82. 133]
5 27 ms 29 ms 30 ms [66.185.82. 129]
6 32 ms 30 ms 35 ms [ 25]
7 31 ms 36 ms 35 ms [66.185.80 .145]
8 33 ms 35 ms 35 ms [ ]
9 47 ms 47 ms 48 ms [ 13]
10 49 ms 47 ms 48 ms [154.54.2. 242]
11 46 ms 47 ms 48 ms []
12 103 ms 107 ms 107 ms []
13 117 ms 120 ms 120 ms []
14 113 ms 114 ms 119 ms []

Trace complete.

Thank you, Will. Thanks, Dreamhost.
I recommend Dreamhost.


I just tried my email and FTP. Both are working like a charm.
THANKS, everyone, especially Will for all your help and support.

here are the traceroute and ping test results in case you still need them.
Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 7 ms 19 ms 7 ms
3 16 ms 7 ms 8 ms []
4 13 ms 8 ms 8 ms []
5 21 ms 12 ms 16 ms []
6 10 ms 9 ms 14 ms []
7 22 ms 22 ms 24 ms []
8 23 ms 24 ms 60 ms []
9 57 ms 32 ms 23 ms []
10 85 ms 83 ms 80 ms []
11 95 ms 93 ms 94 ms []
12 100 ms 103 ms 97 ms []

Trace complete. ping statistics —
207 packets transmitted, 207 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 92.428/103.514/141.279 ms


Well I don’t know if I can take much credit for this (other than an E for effort and a T for nice try), but I’m glad things are working now. The only response I got back from Rogers was that things look Ok. Anyway, let me know if this problem pops up again.


Dear John Stevenson,

Thank-you for your email. We strive to provide you with the highest level of customer support, and hope we can be of assistance in addressing your questions.

Thank you for sending us the requested test results.

We have examined the trace route that you have sent us and the problems you are experiencing do not appear to be originating from our network. It is possible that servers external to our network are causing your difficulties.

The Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed network is only one of many smaller networks that make up the worldwide Internet. Because of this, we cannot guarantee the performance of any network/Internet hardware or points of transfer external to our own network. We are, however, committed to providing the best possible service to our subscribers for issues that can be identified as originating on our servers.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding our service, please fill out the online form on our Customer Support page listed below or contact us by phone at 1-888-288-4663.

John B.
Rogers Yahoo! Hi-Speed Internet
Electronic Support Group
I recommend Dreamhost.