Connection Losses


Again this is another over 21 hour no response from Dreamhost support, so throwing this out there…

In wp-admin, I’ve noticed that server connections seem to get lost frequently:

  • Sometimes when logging in, I get a ‘server is busy page’.
  • Often when writing posts I keep getting ‘connection lost’ message where I cant save anything until eventually it reconnects. It’s pretty painful.

I’ve come to Dreamhost from SimpleServers, because they were mainly Magento based (I thought I’d be using Magento, but instead used Wordpress) and Dreamhost is mainly Wordpress based.

There, I had shared hosting not VPS, but it ran smoothly (and support was super fast) but their terms were limiting. Whereas the spec of Dreamhost VPS suggests it should be better and quicker than what I had before, but I keep getting this connection loss.

Am I doing something wrong?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is there anything that I can do to stop it from happening?

Yes I get the exact same thing often, disconnects when in admin WordPress. I’m also using a VPS, lots of times I save a post and boom blank page too. I used Dreampress before and it wasn’t giving me these issues.

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