Connection has been closed by server

bro, i upload files about 1gb, when i download the file, why there is a message "connection has been closed by server?
what i must to do?

How did you upload it? And how are you downloading it? At what point does the connection reset?


i upload it manualy, and download too. If the small files, there is no problem about downloading. But if large files, the connection from server has been closed, please can any body help me?

What program are you using to upload and download the file?

You said you can upload the big file ok, but can’t download the big file. How much of the big file can you download before the connection gets closed?


using the download accelerator bro, if little files normal for download, ex. 200mb i can normaly download using download accelerator, but big files about 1gb, it cant be download. Someone told me maybe host doesnt allow copy function and its disabled.

How about this?

Your responses to questions have not been clear enough for us to help.

“download accelerator” is a generic term and means different things on different platforms (windows/mac/linux).


When you upload, what program are you using? Given the size, I’m comfortable assuming you are not uploading through the browser to a php app (It’s limited to 7 meg without gyrations).

Thus, we have to know what program “ftp” or “CuteFTP” or whatever program you’re using is.

When you are downloading, there are some limits, but generally apache can handle downloads up to 2g without issues, I wouldn’t suspect that this is your problem either.

Download accelerators often make use of multiple connections to download the same file faster. It is possible that you are opening more connections than the server is willing to let you have. DH is generally a shared environment and all the systems are configured to try to make access to all sites fair for all users. You might try turning it down to 1-3 concurrent connections and see if that helps prevent it from closing connections.

You really haven’t given us the details we need to be of a lot of assistance and I’ve spent a sh*t-pot more time responding to your really vague and poorly thought out question. I do hope this helps, but if not, please give us more details and we’ll try again.

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