Connecting Your Android Device to DreamObjects

Many people wish to connect to their DreamObjects cloud via their android device, but are unable due to the difficulty of figuring it out. For your convenience, I have made a tutorial video on how to connect to DreamObjects from android, and enable automatic backup/sync.

Connecting Your Android Device to DreamObjects

I hope this helps.

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Hello, where can I see the video because it is no longer in the link

That video may have worked 5 years ago when it was first posted but I doubt it would work now. Mostly because Android changed so much in these years…

Why don’t you share what your use case is? Maybe there are other/better ways to do what you need.

I’m developing an android application and want to implement dreamobject to upload download files

looking for an example because I do not know what library I should use

That’s cool! In general, any library that works with Amazon S3 would work with DreamObjects. I found a few with a simple search, including the official Amazon S3 SDK. I’d start from there. If you have specific doubts, feel free to open a new topic and we can try to give you some guidance.

OK Thank you very much, in fact I am already reviewing the official AWS mobile SDK for Android library
but in the examples I see that I must use Amazon Cognito Identity to authenticate the app with AWS

and with dreamobject I understand that I must make the connection with the key and the secret key.

Correct, the Cognito id wouldn’t work on DreamObjects. You need to set API endpoint and keys for your account. We have a generic guide for DreamObjects API with sample Java code that may inspire you.

OK Thanks let me try with the java example