Connecting via FTP

I had a support ticket opened because I was having intermittent issues with my site. The solution was to transfer my site to another server and now I’m very happy with the up-time.

I did have a [probably stupid] question, though. In the auto response I got regarding the move I read this:

Keep in mind that if you have been accessing
your account by going to (which has never been the
correct method) that this will stop working. You should always access your
account by logging into your domain instead.

But in the e-mail I got confirming the creation of an FTP user it says to connect using for the host. Or am I misunderstanding one of the e-mails?

That’s how they usually tell you to access it before things propagate–but I never heard it get called the wrong way before.

The advantage to using your own domain is that server changes won’t affect how you log in.

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Thanks for the reply.

I looked in the Wiki and it even says to connect using the server name. However it doesn’t tell me how to connect using my domain. Every other company I used but it doesn’t seem to work for me with DH. I’ll just do it the way I know how and when/if it ever stops working I’ll open a ticket, lol. At least they e-mailed me and told me what server I was on. :wink:

You should be able to use, because an ftp A-Record is automatically added to the DNS records for any fully hosted domain. You should also be able to use just, as this will resolve to the same IP address as


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