Connecting to Second Domain through FTP

I recently created a second domain and used the one-click wordpress installer. I can sign in to the wordpress admin for the second domain, but when I try to connect to the domain through, firefox says that it can’t find the server.

When I check the first domain files through ftp, I see a file named the same as the second domain, but there are no real files there (ie, wordpress files I installed.)

Any idea how i can find and transfer files through my new domain?

Did you install this second domain’s WP as a “simple” or “customized” one-click installation? With “simple” installations, you won’t see the files, at all, as they are not installed to your file space (they are installed on the DreamHost file space, and you cannot access these files). This is what makes it “simple” (you can’t customize, and "break it). If you need to modify the installed files, or upload additional themes, plugins, etc., you need to use the “customizable” one-click installation, or install it manually.