Connecting to MySQL issue

I’m trying to login to a mysql db via command line, i enter all the correct details but i get:

“Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server”

How can i fix this?

edit: ok i modified the user permissions and sorted that, but now i get:

“Access denied for user ‘’@’’ (using password: YES)”

edit #2: heh ok i sorted that aswell, but i can’t create databases in command line even though i’ve allowed the “create” option. Any ideas?

Yep. You cannot create database via the command line, or via a program, in the DH environment - you can create databases only via the Control Panel -> Goodies -> Manage MySQL screens. :slight_smile:


Ok i created the database through the gui but when i go to import my database using:

mysql -u -p -h <file.sql

i get:

Access denied for user ‘’@’%’ to database ’

How am i meant to import stuff?

edit: nvm figured it out

Good! Now you should share what went wrong, to help the next guy who might be having trouble and comes across your thread! :slight_smile:


well it was mainly just me being stupid.

I was using command line because i didn’t think it was possible to select which db to import to in phpmyadmin and when i did use phpmyadmin i had “” in my .sql i was trying to import which caused errors. Any way i removed that and it worked =)

Thanks for sharing that! I’ll guarantee you that you are not the first (or the last!) to run up against that - your post will probably make life a lot easier for the next guy looking here who has a similar problem. :slight_smile:


Hmph… I can’t even get that far… I created a couple of dbs awhile back for phpBB and Gallery, but every time I try recently to crate a new DB in the panel, it responds with “[color=#CC0000]All lowercase please![/color]” on the password I’ve entered… And yes, I am entering it all in lowercase :wink: