Connecting to MySQL DB


I recently signed up for a DH account because of all the great features they offer, and for such a reasonable price.

Once I got a basic place-holder site in place, I started messing around with some of the features. Using the DH panel, I created a testing/development database. I was able to mess around with it a bit through PhpMyAdmin, which was okay… But I’d really like to use the MySQL Query Browser. I’m used to graphical IDE’s for use with databases.

However, I’m having trouble connecting… I get a message that says my host is not allowed to connect to that MySQL (I assume it means instance and not database). Am I doing something wrong (I am pretty tired…) or can you not use an external IDE like MySQL Query Browser with DH’s MySQL services?


If you set it up properly, you should be able to connect to your mysql database from a remote computer without problems and use the MySQL Query Browser.

From the Control Panel, select Goodies–>Manage mysql and edit the user you are using to connect. In that screen you will find a place to add the host/ip address info of machine you wish to allow that user to connect to you database from.

For security reasons, you obviously do not want to set that overly “loose”, and you probably should reset it when you are not intending to connect form that specific remote machine.


Excellent, I got it working this morning great! Thanks for your help! =)