Connecting to My SQL domain shell with ftp?

Hello Everyone,
I have recently setup a couple MySQL databases or atleast attempted to at this point. I have gone to the control panel and set it up there it is listing as active as it has past the 24 hour time span. I am able to connect to this database either through a browser or through MySQL control panel no problem. My question is how can I connect to the sub domain shell with FTP (

I think I may have found the reason myself. I was looking through the control panel at my account and noticed the subdomain was never created although the database was. I am really lost here now. I guess I have to create a new subdomain then find out how to transfer the database to the new subdomain. I am totally confused now.

You /don’t/ connect to your MySQL host name via FTP… You can sign on to a shell account and access MySQL via the command line or you can use the phpmysql tool provided.

If you explain what you’re trying to do exactly someone can probably explain how you should be doing it…

In addition to phpMyAdmin and command line access, you can also connect to your database using a remote admin tool. On my platform (Mac OS X) we have CocaSQL, CocoaMySQL, eSuite, Lucid SQL, MacSQL, MySQL Magic, ProSQL, – well, there are a bunch more, but you get the picture :wink:

yeah… those basically require you to have a stable IP on your system (ie not a dial-up) or set what IP addy’s can access your DB /very/ loosely or reset them before & after /every/ session…