Connecting to Database w/ SQLGrinder or CocoaMySql

Using software like CocoaMySQL and SQLGrinder, I’m trying to connect to my databases hosted by DreamHost. I enter the following credentials:

Host: (as well as
Username: MyUsername
Password: MyPassword

These are the only required fields, but I’ve also tried entering some of my specific database names for the “Database” field.

I receive the following message: “Unable to connect to host. Be sure that the address is correct and that you have the necessary privileges.”

User: MyUsername
Password: MyPassword
Driver: MySQL
Host: (and also
Database: specific database names as well as an empty string

I receive either a “No suitable driver” error, an “Access denied for user” error, or a handful of socket and connection exceptions.

Any suggestions?

Have you whitelisted your IP?

By default the databases only allow access from DreamHost domains. You can whitelist your own IP from within Panel.

Go to Goodies > Manage MySQL and click on the username within the “Users with access” field. On the proceeding page you’ll see an “Allowable Hosts” edit box where you can add your own IP. Usually your own IP is displayed to the lower left for precisely this reason (and to make things easier).

If you’ve already whitelisted your IP then I’m afraid I’m out of ideas, but Scott may have some extra instructions as he’s really clued up when it comes to Macs, their software, and any quirks involved with getting it all to run happily with DreamHost.

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Worked like a charm. Thank you. 8^)