Connecting to Database Problem

Hello, i’ve got a problem with connecting to my database.

It just won’t let me log in either via SSH or SQLyog.

can someone just confirm i am using the correct log in details.

Hostname []
Username [Databaseusername]
Password [Satabasepassword]

Whenever i try logging in i just get an error saying access denied. I’ve activiated SSH on my account but it’s still not letting me in.

This is why i think i might be using the wrong hostname/user/pass combo.

can anyone help?

How are you trying to connect in SSH? What string are you using. You can use the MySql admin tool and to do backups and everything.

I’m using putty to try to connect to it.

Basically i have a datebase and i would like to restore it on my dreamhost account but phpmyadmin times out and it’s a real pain so i’m trying via SSH but it’s just not connecting.

it’s not accepting my user/pass

I’ve just tried it, I couldn’t connect to through some socket, but I at least got that error.

Connect to in putty as the host name. Select SSH, then go to SSH on the side panel and choose “2 only” as preferred SSH protocol. Select open and enter password. Then type “mysql -u user -p” and see what happens. I guess you could try “mysqldump --all-databases -u user -p” to make sure it’s generating output.

I am new here and had a similar problem because I was trying to SSH directly to my MySQL server. Then I SSH’ed to my regular host (e.g., with my user/passwd and got in. Then I could enter the MySQL CLI just by typing “mysql -u username -p -h url_for_the_sql_server dbname”. (e.g., “mysql -u johnsmith -p -h mysql2005”)

BTW: You have to give the user account the “SSH” privilege in the user management section of

I hope this helps.