Connecting to a dB via Myphpadmin

New Dreamhost customer and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to connect to the multiple databases I need though myphpadmin in the control panel

I have created a Host name ( lets call it
I have created multiple databases on that hostname;

database name: database1
Username: user1
password: password 1

database name: database2
Username: user2
password: password 2

When I click on the Myphpadmin link in the hostname row, an authentication box comes up asking me for a username and password - what the heck do I put in there? I have tried every combination of databasename, user name and password…

going c.r.a.z.y :wink:

the wiki only tells me to use something other than myphpadmin but I dont wanna…

In the MySQL Databases page in your panel, you’ll see “Databases on this server(s)” on the left column, and “Users with access” on the right. You can click on one of the users, where you’ll see a prompt to “Show” your current password. When connecting through phpmyadmin, the username will be the user on that right column, and the corresponding password will be the one you see when you click “Show.”

I tried connecting to one of your databases just now via phpmyadmin, and it worked. :slight_smile: