Connecting my FTP Server and Site

I’m an amateur web designer and I recently registered a domain with dreamhost. I put up a site on the domain by uploading files to the ftp server but when I was having cross browser compatibility issues I decided I’d redirect to a blog while I sort out the issues. I at first used the redirect option to do this but then saw that the blog service (tumblr) would prefer I add an a-name to my dns with their IP. I un-redirected the site and added the dns a-name and the site redirects but I can no longer use my ftp server. I can’t connect to it or access any of the files that were previously hosted on it. This isn’t a problem of losing data, everything that was on the site is backed up, but I do need to use the site storage and don’t know how to get back to it.
(I noticed that in the Manage Domains screen of the control panel, under my domain name it says DNS and ADD IP but it doesn’t say anything about FTP or WEBFTP and under hosting it says NONE)
Thanks in advance

You can FTP to
The MACHINE is your web server as listed in Account Status in the Panel.


I figured it out. I can also ftp into the site ip as usual. I set up a subdomain for the blog and will ftp into the other one as usual though.