"Connecting....." issue

Hi I have encountered this problem several times in the past few months however this time it isn’t going away. My site (http://muonlinefanz.com/) will not load from time to time. It will sit there and try to connect forever, never giving me a time-out error or any type of error. I can try refreshing and loading different areas of the website, which sometimes will connect, however 9/10 times it is “Connecting…” The status bar at the bottom of the page reads “Waiting for muonlinefanz.com”.

My other webpage loads fine and so do all other websites (such as google, facebook, yahoo).

Any suggestions?


The server is responsive: http://muonlinefanz.com/notadirectory/

It might be getting stuck in a redirect endless loop or something of that nature.

I don’t think its a loop unless I don’t understand it exactly, because if I leave the page alone while its “connecting…” it will always eventually connect. Plus it happens on every page; its random when a page loads normal, not specific to the page. Its almost like its just reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy slow. It takes 3 minutes - 10 minutes to connect if I leave it alone.

That’s odd - the non-existent link I posted above is now not responding either.

It could be any number of things. Server move, internal routing issue, etc. and you’ll need the Support guys to check on that stuff.

The only things I can think of at the moment that you can try yourself would be to check your .htaccess file (if you use one) and also open the domain settings in Panel and ensure there is no redirection set up in there somewhere. While you’re in the domain settings part of Panel, hit the Change Settings button (even if you haven’t changed anything) for the domain.

Okay, thanks for the suggestions! I will try your suggestions and I will report back with anything I find out. I submitted a report to support, I am just impatient. XD
I looked through my settings pretty well and the only thing I noticed is I was running the older version of PHP (5.2) so I upgraded to 5.3. I look for redirects and the only thing I can think of is maybe it has to do with the “remove www” from your domain option. I have it selected so that it redirects http://www.muonlinefanz.com to http://muonlinefanz.com. I changed this to leave it alone, so both will work. But it still seems to try “Connecting…”…

How long does a response from support normally take?
But now it is working :slight_smile:

I think it had something to do with removing the “www”

Sorta… :facepalm:
I don’t understand. Its on and off, on and off, on and off, on and off.

EDIT: PS. My webmail works perfect

After seeing this post, I had someone from our tech support team look into your issue, and he recently responded to your ticket. Please reply there if you have any follow-up questions/concerns. Your site is loading quickly now, but please let us know if the intermittent downtime happens again! We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Thanks!

DH customer service team has done a great job, thumbs up!

It’s happening again…;(

:confused: Sorry to hear that. I see you’ve submitted a ticket, so we’re looking into that for you now. Your patience is appreciated as I get an answer for you. Thanks!

Just emailed you! Take a look and reply there directly if you still have any follow-up questions/concerns. Thanks so much for your patience!