Connecting a site to my domain name

I am new to this. I purchased a domain and name. I created a website using and now I want to know how to connect that website to the domain name I purchased through DreamHost. Any help is appreciated!

As far as I know you need to

  1. Buy an upgrade on Wix
  2. Add the domain name on your Wix admin page, and tell it you will update nameservers
  3. Go to DH panel and change the nameservers for your domain to those Wix want
  4. Wait, and wait, and between 5 mins and 1 day it should work (though I never tried it with Wix)

I just did the above and it came up with the following error - Error: Unable to connect to the .uk registry.

what am i doing wrong?

Where are you seeing that message? DH or Wix side?
(And how far did you get before getting the message)

I am also new here. I designed a page in Adobe Dreamweaver and would like to put under my new domain name I created through DreamHost. Can anyone help?

Use an FTP client (FileZilla is excellent—and free) to upload those files to your site.