Connect via SSH to DreamHost PS MySQL?

I’m trying to connect to MySQL on a Private Server via SSH but not sure what host name / IP address I should be using? If I go to the DreamHost panel page, the server name is psmysqlXXXXX but I’m not sure how to access this externally.

I can’t see anywhere on the DreamHost panel where you can create shell users etc, so is this something that you are not allowed to do with DreamHost PS MySQL?[hr]
I’ve now established the host name is but how do I set up a user with shell access to this server? There seems nowhere on the DreamHost panel to do this.

Seeing as though its a dedicated MySQL server I’d assume that you can’t


DreamHost PS MySQL runs MySQL 5.0.24+

However, you can login to the MySQL server via a MySQL client from a dreamhost account that you do have shell access on.