Connect through dreamweaver

hello, im attempting to connect to dreamhost through dreamweaver cs3. are there instructions posted on the web somewhere? someone else made a similar post but to no avail.

anyone have the answer?

replies are much appreciated!

Are you trying to upload files by FTP?

A little bit of googling turned up

:cool: -//-

hey thanks a lot! ill give this a go in the morning

I have tried every combination I can think of but can’t get Dreamweaver CS4 to connect (FTP) to DH… I am new to this but have spent the last 6 hours using google and searching DH forums, FAQ;s, etc. I can use a separate FTP program but would be easier to use DW. I would really appreciate ANY help at al resolving this issue.
Thanks in advance.


PS - I tried the suggestion above with no success.

If you can connect with an FTP program, then you shouldn’t have any issues with Dreamweaver. All the settings are the same.
What kind of error message do you get if any?

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