Connect mysql hosted dreamhost

I will try to explain again, I have a domain with a forum that is hosted on; I created a mysql database on DreamHost, which are called prueba_1, prueba_2 and prueba_3, ok

I am going to the panel to handle mysql and pulse where it bellezaree and then I do what you have said to me is put, adding that the host can communicate to your mysql server and therefore to the database, you I have the example that I connect it is:

In this example only i have this line of code for try :

<? mysql_connect("", "bellezaree", "161680") or die("Could not connect."); ?>

When my little script hosted on aruba in ( try to connect to databases hosted by DreamHost ( , the result is that it says can not connect , and I did what I said to make no a (allowable hosts) , it is assumed that this is just enough to allow me to another host to connect to a database on a server hosted by DreamHost mysql, but it fails to connect despite being following your directions

I ned help in this and solutions for end the problem , thankĀ“s for all