Connect my database through DWMX 04

Hi There

I’m trying to connect my database from DWMX 04.

Here is my setting:
Connection name: myconnection
MySQL Server:
username: whatever
password: youguess
Database: fonky (the name of my db created from phpAdmin)

When I test the connection I have this error message:
"1130 Host ‘ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server’

What am I doing wrong here?
Do I need to do something in my site definition?
Or what?

Help please

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you’ll have to set up your database to allow connectiosn from an IP besides DH’s. Just log into your panel and go godies>mysql and edit the user.

It’s set this was a a security feature.


I don’t get it Mat

I went there, that’s actually where I set up the database.
I don’t see at all what you nean!!!??!?!??

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Log into your panel > Goodies > Mysql
Find the database you are trying to access and click the modify button across from the user set up on that database. You’ll then find a page with several settings. There’s a bok underneath where it says"
From what hosts (computers) may art_googlies connect to the “art_googlies” database?"
and it even shows your IP address. Fill it in, then you should be abel to connect after then chnages take effect.




But just curious.
What does this mean?
One per line, use % as a wildcard
What’s a wildcard
Why do we have a period after the %?

Also, I’m running PHP 5 in my computer OS X, is it a problem, since Dreamhost is running PHP 4?

Thanks a lot again.

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the wild card is would be like - that covers all possibilties of subdomains of Dreamhost. So any of the DH servers can access the database, but no one else.

It’s just like saying “Jokers are wild” when playing uno. That joker can represent any card you’d like it to represent.

And one per line just means that’s how you seperate entries.

There could be some issues with the PHP version difference, but I don’t really know anything about PHP. I’m sure there is some new feature support and command variables that will be suport and work on your system, and then you’ll publish to DH and things won’t work, or will work differently. One way around this would be to search the forum and the wiki and install php5 your self. It’s been done before, and you should be able to find some helpful instructions.


Thanks a lot Mattt

You’ve been very helpful.

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you’re welcome, and I like your sig a lot. :slight_smile:



I checked wiki, you’re right, there is a way of installing PHP 5.
I’ll do it sometimes if I really have to.
Maybe be DH will upgrade by that time.

See you around.

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