Confusion regarding bandwidth in DH!


I had few questions regarding bandwidth offered by DH.

  1. Bandwidth = upload + download (bytes) right?
  2. I am inside 2TB plan, so that means monthly I will be given 2 TB or yearly ?
  3. I see in my control panel that below meter it shows +1GB/week for webspace meter and +16 GB/week for traffic… So, what does that mean?

Jigar Mehta

  1. monthly

It means that if you start with 2048 GB (2TB)
next week you will have 2048+16 : 2064 GB
and 16 more GB the week after, and after, and after…

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It is a bit hard to grok but know that both up and down are counted in bandwidth (I expect).

And the usage is reset every billing cycle (even if you’ve paid ahead, the cycle is still monthly).


This is crazy…!! Every week your bandwidth limit as well as traffic limit is increased by GBs!! :slight_smile:

I’m Very happy!! Now, even if you count upload+download it will be enough!!

Jigar Mehta

have fun here. DH gives really cool hosting plans.

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It’s almost as if it’s a “club” where you become a member and as long as you “play nice with others” and don’t become “too famous” you’re able to do whatever you want.


Could you please explain more details in what you mean? ‘play nice with others’ ‘too famous’ ?
Thanks a lot!

[quote]‘play nice with others’


If you do things on the server that causes other users to complain, then you are not playing nice with others.

[quote]‘too famous’ ?


If you get slashdotted or dugg, etc. or otherwise get so much traffic that it causes other users to complain, then you are too famous.

Other users will complain if their sites seem broken or too slow, or if the server load is too high and the server seems sluggish.

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