Confusion about features - help!



I do have the other software, but someone here pointed me to a software that may do what I need without having to move.

I’ve spent about a month now figuring out WordPress and all the billion and one plugins I need, so I’m not terribly enthused about switching to GeekLog. Perhaps I should have asked here before setting it up in WordPress:). I suppose I could if it were my only option.

I have to focus on getting cats adopted out, they’re eating me out of house and home:)


I think I am going to try to install the Shelter Manager software now. If I have any problems I’ll be over on the 3rd party software forum begging for help!:slight_smile: Thanks!


Not sure if you guys have heard about PetPoint yet, but it is free for shelters and rescues, web-based and very cutting-edge. From their website,, you can see that they have almost 500 users in the US and Canada. There is a free demo you can view too. There is also a list of testimonials from satisfied customers.


At some point in the far future I could see us going with paid employees, but it won’t be any time soon. In the meantime, I will put a php programmer on my wish list of volunteers (you’d be surprised who volunteers; I got a graphic artist who charges $85 an hour to volunteer:).