Confusion about features - help!

Hi folks,

I’m a new poster here. I run a nonprofit cat rescue and administer the webpage.

I have some software that has been donated to me (software page is In order to use this software, I need .asp hosting (or upgrade from the donated version to a version that is 69.99 a month and uses mysql databases). I can’t afford 69.99 a month, so I came here to see if Dreamhost supports .asp. I looked in the wiki, and I found one article that said no, we don’t support it, we only have machines running Debian linux. Then I found another article dated April 2006 that said Dreamhost was moving to Windows servers, which would mean they could offer .asp support.

Can anyone clear this up for me?


I don’t think DreamHost will ever switch to Windows servers since their infrastructure depends on Debian Linux. And it looks like it’s not just ASP you need for their software, but a Windows Server as well. So I think you’re out of luck.

What’s the link to the April 2006 article about moving to Windows servers?


LOL, I didn’t check out the “April 2006” article you mentioned soon enough.


This is an April Fool’s joke.

“Web hosting provider DreamHost Web Hosting (, announced on Friday it has decided to move all of its more than 240,000 hosted domains to a Microsoft Windows server platform.”

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I guess you’re talking about the April 2006 newsletter. No, they are not switching to Windows. They are partnering with another hosting company that are using Windows servers.

[quote]I run a nonprofit cat rescue and administer the webpage.


Not the question you asked, but in case you hadn’t noticed, somebody should mention you can get Totally FREE hosting here, for a certified nonprofit. Then you could throw out the invaluable proprietary software and do better financially anyway. :wink: Surely some included/free one-click software offered here could meet your needs.

They need more support help.
Pay me (and DreamHost gets 5%+$0.30) Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]

OK, well, that was silly of me. I wasn’t thinking of April Fool’s, though, it is December!:slight_smile:

Well, if you know of some one click software that will do all that rescueconnections can do for me, please let me know. I know I can get free hosting here, but if I can’t run the software I need it doesn’t do me much good. I know a decent amount about computers, but I’m not a programmer. I don’t know how to rewrite this application to use a mysql database instead of .asp, and I’m not sure my license would allow it if I did know. I really do not feel like moving my website. so if you know of something, I’ll be happy to use it.

This is an example of what it does:

And if you click the first dog in the list you get

So, again if you know of something that Dreamhost offers that will do a similar thing please let me know.

They do have a “partner” deal for windos hosting, BTW:

This is not a one-click, but it is free software, will run on Linux servers like DH’s, and shouldn’t be too tough to install.

They need more support help.
Pay me (and DreamHost gets 5%+$0.30) Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]

That sheltermanager on Sourceforge appears to be a local application, rather than a web-based app. Bummer. Web-based applications are really handy.


OK, thanks. I will try to figure this out. If I’m reading it right it should install on my home system, then it will generate html which I can upload, but I may be reading it as well as I did that April Fool’s joke:)

It looked to me like it has lots of flexibility (oh, great!), including command line options, and assorted operating systems versions.

They need more support help.
Pay me (and DreamHost gets 5%+$0.30) Cut the code: [color=#00CC00]9999=$99.99 Off[/color]

There are a lot of web-based shelter management applications out there, but none are quite what I want. I have no time to learn to program and make one, either. Maybe after I retire:)

It isn’t really a good thing to get into to make money, either. Animal rescue people tend to spend all our money on animals:)

…and Windows-based web hosting fees. :wink:

It looks simple enough, how about biting the bullet and hiring a programmer to write a php program for you from the start off?

Then you could be off with DreamHost, I guess…

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I looked at the dog site and from what I could see in a superficial look, you should be able to do this fairly easily with Joomla! In fact, it can give you some extra flexibility through the menus. I don’t know about the tracking and publishing the names of the sponsors.

Joomla! is free and has a one-click install. There are lots of either free or inexpensive extensions available.


Well, we are an all-volunteer non-profit, which means we have no paid employees. At some point in the far future I could see us going with paid employees, but it won’t be any time soon. In the meantime, I will put a php programmer on my wish list of volunteers (you’d be surprised who volunteers; I got a graphic artist who charges $85 an hour to volunteer:).


Oh, man, I have done my whole current site in Wordpress…I don’t suppose there is any way it could be done in Wordpress? Currently we have our cats listed on, so they are out there. I wonder if I could just do individual links to their petfinder pages…

I’m a fan of Geeklog. A lot of your site (if it’s the Pom rescue site) looks like it can be managed by GeekLog:

Adoptable Animals fall into categories (i.e. “sections” on the Geeklog site)
Other adoptables can be put into an embedded Gallery (
Calendar is already there
Extra info can be put into Static Pages (a Geeklog feature)

And there are tons of other neat features.


No, my site isn’t the Pom rescue site. They are using the Rescue Connection software - it was an example of what the Rescue Connection software can do.

My site is Rescuties -

You did say it was in WordPress, but I thought you already had that other software. At least you can move your current site over here while you work on developing the new site.

I still stick by what I said about GeekLog. Or if you really want to use the Rescue Connection software, you’re just going to have to find a host that’s running the environment you need.