Im trying to get a page going on here…I have dreamhost (obviously) and have it set up as best as I can tell but when I go to my site it says its parked by

So I got the account info from the previous owner who went through and unlocked/unparked the page and updated the nameservers to the etc yet I still get the godaddy parked page rather than the index.html that is uploaded to dreamhosts servers. Any help you guys can give me to point me in the right direction??


It may take a few days for that nameserver change to propagate. What’s the domain? Then others of us can poke around and see if the update is spreading.


p.s. Ok, I need to get my glasses checked. They posted the domain…or edited the post while I wasn’t looking.


Looks like the DNS has already updated. I’m seeing a page that links to a (->wince-<) MySpace page, and your WHOIS record has the DreamHost nameservers correctly listed.

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Im not sure how they have it set up to be honest, Im not the original account holder, basically they had everything done through godaddy, now we are doing everything through dreamhost for some of the features it has and it was recommended by several people. So they started with godaddy, now on dreamhost.

Domain name is and there is an index.html “coming soon” file while we work on the page. Just seems like no matter what we do we only ever get the “Parked by” page.


Depending upon when the previous owner made the nameserver changes at GDddy, it can take from a few hours to several days for the changes to be updated across the internet.

During that time, some users will see the “new” location (as their lookups are “updated”) while others will still see the “parked” page (their lookups are not yet updated).

When updates have completed across the web, everyone will see the location pointed to by the new (DreamHost) namservers. If that was done correctly, that should be your new DreamHost hosted content.



OK cool thanks, if the above gentleman can see the starter page linking to the teams myspace then I guess I just gotta wait a few days. Thanks for the help and the fast response all.


Yep! sorry about the duplicate answer … it looks like we were all typing at the same time. Go figure. :wink: