i logged into the panel today and it is not showing the domain i got hosted and yet my website is up and running… do i need to register again??

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Is it listed in your Manage Domains section?


lol Thanks for the reply but <_< eventhough i’m new to dreamhost, i’m not a total noob. Nothing is listed there and nothing is listed under email accounts either. Yes, i’ve checked all the obvious places.

Also, a slight update: my entrance page is showing up when i go to the url but is a blank page eventhough i KNOW it worked when i checked earlier today.

If anyone else has had this problem before and/or know how i can fix it, then please let me know!

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Fae, if you registered your domain within the last 48 hours, it’s normal that you will have intermittent problems accessing it; this is due to the fact that domains need to propagate through the Internet after they are registered, and this process takes time. The same is true if you have changed your name servers recently in order to move the domain from one host to another, for example.
In addition, even if you register a domain via your dreamhost control panel, let’s say while using your free domain option, you still have to ‘set up’ the domain under the “Manage Domains” section of your control panel. This is necessary so the web server knows that you will be hosting your domain with dreamhost. If you don’t do this, dreamhost only knows that you registered the domain with them, not necessarily that you are also hosting it there.

I hope this helped.


You’ll probably need Support help, assuming you weren’t playing with something before this happened.

Clearly your site was registered in early November.

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They hired more support help.
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thanks for the help, guys! hopefully DH gets back to me asap…
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