Confused You bet!

How do I get rid of Dream Host and have my account details removed from the system. I will explain as politely as I am able.
been using internet services since 1995 so I know a good site when I see one, I also know a bad one. I have been completely confused by the DreamHost setup of GuestBook site. It even has a button marked “Still Confused” which is a a bit of an admission of failure on the part of the web host. . IF the site was explained properly it wouldn’t be needed. I couldn’t work out in half an hour of fiddling how to find the guest book I set up. Nor could I make the url work that had to have my ID pasted into it. There was no way of unsubscribing from the account and the communications were peppered with over-reliance on security passwords at far too many staging posts on the way to getting “in”.

I can’t find a code that causes my guestbook to operate.
I can’t find a way to manage my guestbook since it tells me there isn’t one made. And I can’t unsubscribe from the service because none of the FAQ or help files tells me how.
The service remains hidden from support contacts which all adds up to a repeat of the question. How do I get rid of Dream Host?

Are you a DreamHost customer, or are you talking about Dreambook?

In either event, you can cancel a hosting account by contacting support through the web admin panel, or from your account contact address.

Dreambook is a free service; you can get Dreambook support by contacting helpdreambookcom.

Generally, we’ll “close” accounts, but we don’t delete them from our system entirely. You can end all of your services and remove all payment information from your account, but if you contact support, they can do it for you as well. I would suggest contacting support about your concerns.