Confused with payments


i am pretty satisfied with dh. however i am a bit confused with payment options. i have purchased my code SALE plan for 19.95$/mo. paid for one month. now i want to pay for a longer period with a specified price (usually it’s 39.95), however i can only add money to my account. it says i have positive balance.

how do i actually extend my sub period with a sale price?


You want to go from paying monthly to paying yearly? Go here, scroll down to your plan, click edit, and change the payment frequency (if you started doing it as monthly, you won’t get your setup fee back, though). Did I understand what you were asking correctly?

Or were you asking something about promo codes? Those can only be used when you’re first signing up, so I belive you’re out of luck as far as using a promo code goes.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

In the panel go to Billing -> Manage Account, then click edit next to your existing plan. You can then change the period and/or type of your plan.

I assume you are currently on the L3 Code Monster plan? If so, changing to one year pre-payment will cost you $239.40 (12 months x $19.95) and changing to two year pre-payment will cost you $382.80 (24 months x $15.95).


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