Confused on how to administer google email/apps

I received an email with the following statement when I purchased DH hosting this morning:

Since you chose to use Google Gmail for your email, we now need you to
visit the following URL to register with Google Apps for your domain.
You will manage all aspects of your email via Google:

However, when I go to that address, and put in the domain name after selecting: Administrator: I own or control this domain, I get the following error:

This domain has already been registered with Google Apps. Please contact your domain administrator for instructions on using Google Apps with this domain.

I’m unfortunately going around in a circle where the email says go to that website, and that website says go back to the domain administrator for help.

DH makes it appear that the google apps and email are free, but google wants me to register and pay for them. This is confusing.

So, please help DH.

We’re just customers here, and Google Apps and DreamHost are two separate operations. DreamHost is just kind enough to provide a way to link the two together.

Google doesn’t charge for basic Apps service, so there’s nothing to pay. When they say “register,” that means set up the service there. Someone, either you or an impostor, has created an Apps service with your domain. Naturally, since you own the domain, someone can’t run Apps there under your domain, but someone has started the process. Only you can complete the process, but only if you’re the one who started the process.

Contact Google Support to have them look into how that service was set up for your domain. Maybe they can reset it for you once you prove you’re the legitimate owner.


Just to add info to what Scott has said, Google will simply get you to upload a specifically named html file into your domain root to prove that you are the admin of the domain in question, then they’ll send you a link to take ownership of the domain administration on their end.

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